prepare for life

with a personal lawyer who stays with you and serves the needs of your growing family.

leave a legacy

Who you are and what’s important to you is more than just your money.

protect your kids

Plan for the well-being and care of the children you love.


who i serve

Two Parent Families
or Single Parents

wishing to provide for and protect their children and themselves.


who are either solidifying their relationship through proper planning or dissolving their relationship with the assistance of caring counsel.


negotiating the challenges of creating new relationships with varying expectations.

High Net Worth

seeking strategies for minimizing estate and income taxes.

Family Business

seeking ways to protect and expand their companies and considering how and when to transition to the next generation of ownership.

Estate Executors
& Beneficiaries

navigating the court process of probate administration, and family members or trustees carrying out the legacy left behind through a trust administration.


Kids Protection Planning

Having a will simply does not ensure the care of your kids if the unthinkable happens.

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Estate Planning

Planning for Everyone You Love and Everything You Have

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Elder Law

With the proper planning in place, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will have the proper safeguards.

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Responsible parents protect their children, and that means you must think about the unthinkable. I can guide you through this most important decision.

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Asset Protection Planning

The more success you have (especially in business, professional practice or real estate activities), the more at risk you are as others see your success grow.

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Conservatorship & Adult Guardianship

I can provide you with a guardianship/conservatorship attorney to guide you through this often complex and emotional process.

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Special Needs Planning

I offer a variety of estate planning tools and strategies designed to accommodate the unique circumstances presented by children with special needs and their families in the state of Texas.

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Estate Tax Protection & Planning

You worked hard to build you family’s wealth and legacy, so it makes sense to put similar effort into protecting those assets—and that includes protecting them against excessive taxes.

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give your loved ones the most precious gift - a lasting expression of your love.
what could be more valuable?

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